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2 Common Method to Contact Uber Customer Servicers Number[edit source]

If Are you looking for the top Common methods to contact Uber customer service?

In This article answers the top Common methods about Uber support.

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BIS Certification For Import of Toys[edit source]

Obtain a BIS certification for import of toys and enter the growing toys market. Click here and know how to obtain a BIS certificate.FMCS is certification schemes applicable on import of toys - FMCS certificate is applicable to import on toys. And of course, as mentioned BIS certificate is an obligatory requirement for foreign manufacturers.

BIS Certification Consultants | ISI, FMCS, CRS Certificate[edit source]

Get BIS Certification from Award-winning consultants providing reliable Compliance and Incorporation Services through our unparalleled expertise and professional team. We are Best BIS Consultants. Get your ISI, FMCS, CRS certificate today.

What is an ISI Certification Scheme? | ISI Full Form[edit source]

ISI certificate allows you to use the standards mark, i.e., ISI Mark. Since 1955, the ISI mark is the standards compliance mark for industrial goods. This mark ensures that the product has abide by the Indian Standards which are laid by the Bureau of Indian Standards (national standards body in India which confirms that the product is secure and credible).